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        For applications that require no residue or sticking to the product!




S-Y-M Products Company offers a full line of sterilization Kraft paper tapes with cohesive coating. These tapes stick to themselves yet leave no residue on the product on which they are sealing. The following is a partial list of products and specifications:

Paper Weights: 40# - 60#

Tape Widths: 1/2" (13 mm), 3/4" (19 mm) 1" (25.4 mm) 1 1/4" (32 mm) Custom widths are available at no premium.

Roll Lengths: 600' (183 m), 925' (282 m), 1000' (305 m) up to 2000' (610 m) Other lengths are available at no premium.

Core:  3" (76 mm) std. Plastic wax impregnated.

Coating weights:  2.5# to 5# depending on the application. (Latex-Free is approx. 3.6#)

Packing:  Poly lined cartons.  Double bagging available.

Color: White or Natural other colors are available

Printing: Available using approved inks for sterilization.

All materials are free of dirt or foreign matter.  

Materials will not degrade under normal sterilization cycles;  steam, ETO, or radiation.





For medical device manufacturers who require Latex-Free products and packages, S-Y-M Products offer pre-manufactured paper sleeves without latex! These sleeves can be sterilized and are used to place around tubing coils or bundles of medical devices. The following are some of the specifications:

Cohesive Bands Paper strips with cohesive applied to the opposite end of opposite sides enabling the band to be rolled over itself .   Available with custom printing
Preformed Sleeves Latex-free paper sleeves ready for application.  Available with custom printing

Also available from S-Y-M Products Company are the MINI-WINDER & Medi-Windertm tubing set coiling machines. The budget priced EZ-Winder tubing coiler.  For high volume coiling and taping, contact us for custom assembly machines.

Twist Ties and Heat Seal Tape for applications requiring stronger bonds. 

TAYP-R automatic cohesive tape dispenser and sealing machine.  

Who represents us.

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Litchfield, CT   USA
Telephone:  203 329 2469
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